Annettee Budzban

Speaker, Author & Life Coaching

Inspirational/Motivational Speaker and Author

Annettee is the inspirational life coach you’ve been looking for to help
your group birth their hopes and dreams!


“ Not what I expected-much better!”

“ Awesome!”

“Delightful Speaker-very motivated. Enjoyed her talk.”
“Well Done. Is a good speaker-simple but informative. Her passion was motivating and encouraging.”
Congregational Nurse Conference Concordia University
“ Thank you, thank you…"

"Just a quick e-mail to thank you for your presence at our Job Seekers Support Group last evening and the powerful message you gave. It helped others to understand how to see God working in their lives!”
Trinity Church Long Lake , Il.

Annettee’s in the business to inspire others to fulfill their dreams.

As an inspirational speaker her messages and seminars bring hope to individuals, church groups and healthcare organizations.

Whether she’s delivering inspiration to a church group, special dinner, or corporate seminar her heartfelt concern for people and life changing inspirations motivate the audience from the realm of impossible to a spirit of optimism.
By selecting Annettee as a speaker for your church conference or business event you will be enlightening your audience with an informative and memorable experience.

Annettee can design a presentation to inspire your church or business, or choose from one of her popular presentations…

Dream BIG!
Timeless principles to help live out your dream  The basis of this vibrant presentation is based on Annettee’s popular book, Dream BIG!  In it she shares her personal story of how God helped her during her most difficult time, not to look at her limitations, but to keep reaching for the impossible and dream big. She uses her story to awaken the passions of her audience, and imparts how to establish goals and major principles she learned during her time of struggle to reposition themselves to discover new purpose and achieve their dreams.

Becoming more confident 
While facing her own challenging fears, Annettee realized no matter what age or walk of life, our security is always being shaken by work or life events. With changing and challenging times, even the brightest, most gifted and competent people can struggle with remaining confident during hardships. Annettee learned first-hand that doubts and fears hold us back from achieving our dreams. In this presentation she imparts stories and proven biblical strategies to help participants learn to develop more confidence to overpower the enemy of doubt and fear and propel them forward in their personal or professional life.  
Hope for a new beginning 
Everyone needs a boost of hope from time to time-especially after a loss. In this topic Annettee gives her audience powerful examples of others who have found life after loss and steps to help those needing to recovery from what feels like a hopeless situation.

Managing stress in a challenging world 
We all have stress. Whether managing the kids, household chores, workplace overload or relational upheavals, Annettee has been there-done that. In her delightful and informative talk she shares first- hand knowledge of juggling home life, relationship challenges and a workload as a nurse manager dealing with the lives of others. Her ‘sanity secrets’ as she calls them, can help individuals find a few stress reduction tactics to help them when faced with challenging frustrations.

Winning professionals take the lead 
As a staff nurse Annettee was approached to become a manager. Her boss noticed that her good customer service skills gave her an outer edge over the average employee.  As a manager she helped her staff achieve being their best and enjoy doing it. In this seminar Annettee imparts key elements to help participants develop excellence in areas that will set them, or any business, apart as winning professionals above the rest.