Annettee Budzban

Speaker, Author & Life Coaching

"I wouldn't be who I am today without her help and encouragement.  To be honest, I feel I've benefited more working with Annetttee than I have from past therapy appointments or self-help books." 
"As a Catholic, I don't consider myself very religious. Surprisingly what seemed to do the trick was Annettee's Bible-based 
approach.  She always seemed to have a scripture passage to back something up.  This technique, paired with her own 
personal experience, made each session not only effective, but drove the message home."
"Having Annettee alongside me during that particular time in my life has been a true blessing! I wish others find the same inner peace and strength that I've found after meeting with Annettee."
Jenny V.

Inspirational/Motivational Speaker and Author

Annettee is the inspirational life coach you’ve been looking for to help
your group birth their hopes and dreams!

Life Coaching

​ Whether coaching with Annettee face-to-face or over the phone from the comfort of your own home, Annettee is the life coach to help you reach your potential and give birth to your dreams.
What is a life coach?

 Life coaching is the process of coming along side an individual or group to help them look at where they have been, where they are, and where they want to go. A Christian life coach adds the spiritual dimension using insights and understanding from the use of scripture and comes from the standpoint that God has a plan for the individual’s life. Then the coach helps them facilitate the discovery of that plan and establish goals to fulfill it.
 Even a Christian who goes to church can benefit from the use of a life coach to help them with the application of the things they learn in church.
Choose  Annettee as your personal coach.
 Besides group coaching, I enjoy connecting with others one-on-one. As your personal life coach, I utilize Bible-based wisdom and experiences that transformed my own life to guide you. It is my desire to help you awaken new hope and birth God’s dreams for your life. I will come along side of you and listen to your hearts desires, lift you up in prayer, give you new insights, help you keep your focus, and encourage you to fulfil your destiny!

Annettee can coach you in a variety of areas.
-  Personal development
-  Discovering your life purpose- finding yourself
- Relating with others
-  Becoming a published author
-  Becoming a public speaker
-  Overcoming grief
-  Starting over
-  Cleaning up your clutter
-  Manage your pregnancy, childbirth or new parent fears.